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Welcome friends! If you don’t know me personally, my name is Sarah Argo. It’s so nice to “meet” you! The most important thing about me is that I am a child of God and a follower of Christ – I believe that if what I do, whether it be this blog or anything else in my life, fails to bring Him glory in the end then it is all for nothing. The second most important thing about me is the role I play in my home to the two precious human beings I get to call family. I am the wife of an incredible (hunk of a) man, and the mother of a beautiful, sassy,brilliant little girl.

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Creating a healthy lifestyle for my daughter is extremely important to me. Our favorite place to be is in the kitchen! She pulls her little chair up to the counter to stand on so she can “help” momma. I absolutely love that she is growing up not only eating the best natural foods, but also observing how they’re used to create meals and helping prepare it all every day. In the world we live in, with our drive-thrus and our take-out, this is almost a foreign concept. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with adds about HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT and get fit, while being equally bombarded with adds aiming to sell us foods that are killing us. America is confused, nutritionally uneducated, and deseprate for change.

This blog is just to show an alternative way of existing in this fast food, dollar-menu, deep fried world. I am 100% vegan, and all the recipes you will find here are meatless (includes fish), egg-free, and dairy-free. I also limit the use of any added oils, fats, OR REFINED sugars. If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t eat it! I really want to show people that truly healthy, simple food doesn’t have to be boring and bland. So take a look around, and feel free to take all of these recipes and make them your own. Food should be FUN – so get in the kitchen and experiment until you creat something you love.

Thanks for stopping by! – Sarah

46 thoughts on “About Me – Sarah Argo

  1. Hi Sarah!

    Luke Jones here, wellness advocate and plant based blogger at my site Health Room, where I explore and share ideas in plant based nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sustainability. I’m also a contributor to Mind Body Green and Natural News.

    I really like what you’re doing with the new blog, and your Instagram is amazing! Really cool to see people like you spreading such a positive message, and putting out great content.

    I’m writing just to let you know that I’m looking to do a series of short interviews over at my site with people I believe are doing great work and contributing to this wellness movement, and I think you fit right in with that description!

    It would just be a few simple questions about your story, how you got into this vegan diet, how others can do the same etc.

    If it sound like something you’re interested in, drop me an email using the form on this page, and I’ll send you across the questions!

    Thanks, and have a great day!



  2. Hi Sarah,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m so inspired by your Instagram and blog, and the fact the you are raising your daughter to be vegan as well. I look forward to one day having that kind of influence.

    I also love that you are bold in saying that all you do is to bring glory to God, and that you are a follower of Christ. You’re doing an excellent job with helping educate others about healthy diet and mindset, and a vegan lifestyle.

    I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


    (In case you have no idea who I am, I’m on Instagram as lisanloves, and my YouTube/Facebook page is Li-San Loves).


    1. Li-San, I can’t thank you enough for those kind words! That means so much to me – truly, thank you!! I just found your Instagram and YouTube channel, you are amazing! I can’t wait to watch your growth, you are going to inspire so many people.

      I hope you have a great Monday!!
      xo Sarah


  3. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the “like” on my blog, and your blog here is of great interest to me, as my wife and I are vegan as well.

    Your fries with vegan sriracha look awesome, I’ll surely pass that idea along to my wife and I look forward to washing the dishes after that endeavor. 🙂

    Have a good one,

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the Like on my mushrooms-tomatoes post 🙂 Though I’m not vegan, I do have some vegan/vegetarian dishes in future posts. But I’m going to follow your blog because I, too, believe in healthy alternatives. And I have vegan friends and will let them know about your blog. Cheers!


  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for liking my post. I’m just getting to grips with this blogging thing but I’m excited to get started. Your pictures are beautiful and I look forward to trying out some of those lovely recipes.
    All the best,


  6. I’ve just started to look around your blog and love what I’ve seen so far. Those ‘cheesecakes’! Oh my. (I wanted to leave a comment but couldn’t find the link — probably due to a vegan cheesecake deficiency, lol). I must try those. Although I am not vegan, I do eat a lot of vegan and vegetarian food, and appreciate what you are doing here. Thanks also for stopping by my blog!


  7. Hi Sarah I couldn’t seem to get your IG email to work I was wondering if you could reply back as I have a little proposition for you , cheers tam


    1. Hi there Serena!! In our house I always cook and buy vegan foods, so when he is here he eats vegan but he doesn’t stick to that when eating out. I’ve never pressured him to change, but always tried to set a good example. He has made drastic improvements in his diet since I went vegan a few years ago. When i firat started I cooked two meals each night, one for me and one for him, but niw he eats mostly what my daughter and I do!
      xo Sarah


  8. HI Sarah, I love your website and your motive to be healthy and share your opinions. I would love you profession opinion on my website and he products I sell. Not all products are vegan but I would say 90% are. We have many products that range from weightloss to body supplements as well as protein powder and my #1 popular product the greens.
    Our company is booming with business and I would love to get your opinion and share it with people as you have a lot of respect over the Internet.
    Thank you so much for your time.


  9. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Bran Muffins recipe. 🙂 I’m always interested in new ways of preparing food so looking forward to seeing some more of your recipes too!


  10. Hi Sarah! First of all, I love your about page since it’s really personal and I feel like I already know you. Love your message about God and Jesus Christ.

    I’m not 100% vegan but I do love to be healthy. Somedays, I just have fruits and vegetables. Most of the time, I try to eat healthy! You have a great setup and I love your writing style. So you got a new follower!

    If you want, you can check out my blog. I have a food section but I’m just getting that started. I discuss many other things and I’m about to start my own faith section and my beliefs. whatiliketodobysteve.wordpress.com

    I would love it if you follow my journey and I will continue to enjoy reading your posts!



  11. HI Sarah! Love your blog. I follow you on Instagram and love looking at all your beautiful creations.

    Wondering if you would be interested in partnering up with me for a giveaway of one of my vegan apparel line’s products for your fans. Check us out! http://www.triplethreads.com. We just launched in October and have some pretty cute stuff!

    From one vegan mother with a little girl to another,


    1. Hi there Whitney!! I am so sorry I’m just now seeing your post. I absolutely love your line and would LOVE to do a giveaway with you! My email is argo.sarahe@gmail.com – I think it will be easier for both of us to sort out details there. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon!

      Have a great weekend!
      xo Sarah


  12. Thanks for the “like’ of my Black Bean Spinach Lasagna! Stopped by to visit your blog too, and it’s terrific! LOVE your clearly stated faith and excitement for nutrition!


  13. Omg Sarah where has your blog been my entire life? You make the vegan lifestyle look insanely cool and you are fellow Christian. I am so pleased that you are following my blog. Keep up the great work doll and I am looking forward to your posts.



  14. Really great point when you said, “America is confused, nutritionally uneducated, and desperate for change.” Also, I’m glad your daughter is observing how to prepare nutritious, homecooked meals at such a young age. I didn’t get that opportunity when I was young, but now it’s one of my top priorities. Homecooked, vegan meals are especially important to me because I have MS and nutrition is a REALLY important aspect of managing the condition.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes! My goal is to become as great a chef as you are 🙂

    ❤ Cara


  15. Hi Sarah, I am glad to find your website. Even tho I am not vegetarian, I am going to try some of this recipe. They look yummy, I am always finding ways to eat healthy. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  16. Hi Sarah!

    Love what you do and love your recipes 🙂

    I’m wondering if you take a sponsor or be a brand ambassador for our innovative social venture. We make a special tea that is revolutionizing lives of coffee farmers. More if is here: http://wizemonkey.com

    If you’re interested in working together, please shoot me an email at maxr (at) wizemonkey dot com.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂



  17. Hello Sarah! FIrst off i LOVE your page! My name is Antonios and i own a food company and import 100% greek extra virgin olive oil from my family farm in Greece, and also 100% natural hand blended spices!..My website is http://www.kouzini.com. I would love to be featured on your page! and even send you some bottles to use in your recipes and also for a giveaway on your page!…my email is tkasandrinos@kouzini.com and cell is 1-585-309-2200 if you would like to contact me via cell. Thank you so much and i look forward to hearing from you!


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