So Sarah, Why Vegan?

I feel like it’s important to share my heart on why I choose this lifestyle because to me, it is more than just a way to stay healthy or keep weight off. I think sharing more of what fuels my passion for a VEGAN DIET could help someone else who is on the fence about it.

I have had many people ask me how this lifestyle is possible long-term, and why on earth I would ever want to live without steak, chocolate ice cream, or pepperoni pizza. I can tell you now, over 2 years into a 100% vegan diet – this lifestyle is not just possible, it’s SO MUCH BETTER than the one I lived before. Every SINGLE PERSON is different, and each person has to eat in a way that they are comfortable and happy with, so there should never judgments made, but with that said – for me, a vegan diet is the very best, kindest, healthiest way for me to exist.

The meat/dairy industry is not at all like people picture it to be. It’s a very sick, twisted, greed-driven machine that is doing a lot of destruction. Having done extensive research over the years, I’ve heard, seen, and read things that I will never be able to remove from my conscience. This effects the way I eat, the clothes I wear, and the products I use. I don’t want to take any part in supporting  such a corrupt industry.

I have heard the argument, “God made meat for people to eat”, and who am I to say what God did or didn’t do? I do NOT condemn, or believe anyone to be a less compassionate human being because they live differently than me. I DO believe that many people are ill-informed about HOW those animals live and die for our MASS consumption of their meat. I don’t believe that God would have created animals for the sake of living miserable lives, caged and chained to machines, tortured mercilessly, overcrowded to the point of death, being skinned and gutted while alive, babies ripped from their mothers at birth, never seeing daylight, continuously injected with artificial hormones and ANTIBIOTICS, starved to the point of eating their own kind. These are the facts of their lives. Unfortunately this is not just me being some over-dramatic animal rights activist – this is our food industry today.

If you are like me, and want to be as informed as possible as to what is actually going on behind the scenes, I suggest you watch a few very informative, very eye opening documentaries.
1.) Earthlings. Let me warn you ahead of time – this is hard to sit through. I sobbed through most of it, but I felt that is was so important for me to see the truth. It changed the way I look at the world and what we’ve done to the creatures we share it with. Before anyone judges a VEGAN DIET or thinks it to be nonsense, I DARE you to sit through this entire movie and not be changed by it. You can watch it free any time on youtube.

2.) Forks Over Knives. This documentary is extremely informative. It will explain in great depth the science behind a whole foods plant based DIET. It, too, changed the way I will eat and view food for the rest of my life. I highly recommend each person sit through the entire documentary before throwing out the idea of a meat/dairy-free life.

3.) Vegucated. Another one that may be a little difficult to sit through, but completely necessary. It’s so important that we actually take time to see what we are doing to the creatures we consume.


There are many, many others – watch them all if you care to. The facts will change you – let them. Embrace a different way of existing in the world. I can tell you, with experience now, that it is not hard. It is much harder to me to think about ever going back to the way I use to live. I felt sick often, I was unhappy with my weight, I was TIRED all the time, and I lived in total ignorance to the industry I was helping support. 2 years after making the decision to change it I NEVER get sick, I always have energy, my skin/hair/nails are better than ever, no moods swings, and I have stayed at a weight that I never thought was even attainable for almost 2 years now. I feel better than I ever have.

If you have an interest in this lifestyle the best advice I can give you is to do AS MUCH research as you possibly can! Inform yourself! Read books (The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition. by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina), follow vegan blogs, watch the documentaries and find out for yourself if it is something you feel in your heart you should do. The only one who can change the life you live is you, which is GREAT news! YOU are the only one who can stop you, so get out of your own way and start cheering yourself on!

If you decide to CONTINUE eating meat/dairy, guess what – ONLY God knows your heart and He is the ONLY perfect judge there is. Let no one condemn you for doing what sits well with your own conscience. God bless ALL of you – I pray we can always be respectful and live at peace with one another. In the end we’re all just doing the best we can.

With all the love in the world,

– Sarah

32 thoughts on “So Sarah, Why Vegan?

  1. Hi Sarah! So happy to connect on here. These documentaries are incredible – so powerful and inspiring. Let’s keep spreading the word 🙂

    I look forward to seeing your recipes in my feed! xx Bianca


  2. These are great resources. Marketing strategies create a great deal of misconceptions with images and coined terms to conceal the hard truth. From happy cows to humane meat, none is far from the most violent and oppresive reality. Education is the best tool to make informed decisions. Thank you for sharing your compassionate views.


  3. Thank you Sarah for sharing this!

    I do not wish to completely change my lifestyle to one of a Vegan, but try as much as I can to change certain aspects every day.

    You are an inspiration. Maybe one day I will be as strong as you!

    Best wishes,


    1. Oh Jo, thank you for that! You ARE strong, more so than you know, but everyone comes to things in their own time! The important thing is you’re open to seeing this perspective and doing research – that alone is truly awesome. It was great so hear from you, I hope your day is lovely!!
      xo Sarah


  4. Absolutely agree with you. Lots of people, when heard that I’m vegan, giving me argument: “God create animal as a food for us, you can read this in Bible”. 2 months ago i wrote a post on my blog, I want cite small part here (apology for my english, I’ve never attend to the English school): “Personally, I believe that God created an animals, to helped us in our life, with our work. To be our companion, to be our support. Recall the “old times”. Most families had small households. Hens laid eggs, cows give milk, pigs were growing for slaughter (full family had meat for few months). We took care of them with our heart, knowing, that they will give us food. We provided roof over them head, and we was fed them. It took several years and the world has changed. Urbanization, increasing the pace of work, increasing human needs, resulted in the development of deadly factories. Meat once a week is not longer enough, people want to eat meat three times a day. More! These animals are growing in gruesome conditions, and their development is disrupted by steroids injections. The animals are cut ​​or minced alive, because we people, we human being, want faster. Is milk is actually milk and how is look the process of eggs production, chickens selection…..” Honestly? Even if God allowed us to eat meat, definitly He isn’t proud to see what we are doing with beings He created. It’s really sad and I belive that only veganism is a chance for our earth. Thanks for books recommendation 🙂

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    1. Absolutely!! That was so well said. I completely agree – and I love what you wrote on that blog post. I believe a God who is all-good, all-kind, and all-loving would be sickened by the greed that has completely warped the food industry and is destroying the earth. We are not doing these things out of necessity. We are doing them out of our desire for more. If we stopped and faced world hunger, environmental issues, and the well-being of the creatures we were put here with there would be no question as to what we should be eating. We could feed every mouth on the planet if we redirected even a portion of the grain we are feeding our livestock to fatten for slaughter. It’s a sad, sad thing.

      Thank you for sharing your heart with me here! So wonderful to meet another person who shares this passion. Lots of love your way!
      xo Sarah


  5. Love this Sarah! My husband and I have been eating Plant Based / Vegan since January 2014 and our older daughter (17) has joined us with our 15 year old close behind. I concur with Kinga’s post above – I believe the way God met for animals to coexist with humans is VERY different then the horrendous factory farms of today. I have watched Vegucated and Forks over Knives as well as other documentaries but am afraid to watch Earthlings………..I commend what you are doing and how you are raising your daughter 🙂 I look forward to following your blog!


    1. Oh thank you!! I am so glad you shared that – I completely agree with both of you! Earthlings is a very, VERY difficult documentary to sit through. I made myself watch it and it changed me forever. I was already a very devoted vegan, but that documentary in particular really fueled my passion for this lifestyle! I commend you as well, for the incredible example you’re setting for your kids!! They will be so blessed for it!
      I hope you’ve had a great Sunday. 😊
      xo Sarah


  6. Hi Sarah, I’m so happy we’ve connected. Thank you for finding me because it allowed me to find you. Vegan love forever xxx I can’t wait to see more of your posts. Chrissy xxx


  7. Love that you have a blog up! Looking forward to trying out some of your delicious creations. I am sitting down and watching Earthlings tonight as well… I have seen just about every other documentary except for this one….! I am in a transition phase to a vegan diet (already gluten & dairy free since May 2012) and I KNOW I will get a lot criticism from my family and friends about making this choice (they for some reason think I cannot eat ANYTHING if it’s not meat or wheat…or dairy) — that said, how have you dealt with this sort of thing? Did anyone give you hard time when you made the change to a vegan lifestyle? Thanks for the inspiration ❤


    1. Hey girl! First of all thanks so much for the encouragement – that means the world to me. It’s wonderful that you are in the process of transitioning into a vegan lifestyle!! And it is completely normal to get backlash for that. I think unfortunately anyone who chooses to stand up for what they believe is right, when it’s against the majority of society, gets a bit of critisism for it. I wish this weren’t the case, and I wish everyone was more well-informed as to just how big of a positive impact veganism has on the planet, the creatures we share it with, and ourselves. The best thing you can do is just be an example for them! Let them see how beautiful and empowering this lifestyle is and they will want to learn more about it.

      Hope you have a wonderful day!! ❤
      xo Sarah

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  8. you are an absoloute inspiration to me Sarah! I am a nurse and have just begun working in emergency, it has absoloutely shocked me seeing the sickness in the general population, all caused by the rubbish people put in their mouths. I have been singing the praises of a vegan diet to my patients but none are too keen, I will admit it’s hard to keep too, what do you do when eating out/going to friend’s houses for dinner? I am about 70% vegan at the moment, any tips? xx


  9. Hello Sarah!

    We have connected on instagram before and I am just now checking out your amazing blog!
    This just shows me again your dedication and love for this lifestyle.
    It makes me truly happy 🙂 After reading this I actually decided to watch Earthlings tonight.
    I am a little anxious, but it will be a good reminder I am certain.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy your lovely blog 🙂
    Will be trying your raw snickers tomorrow haha.
    Have a lovely day, Delia from vegandelicious!


  10. Hi Sarah.

    Great blog.

    The Bible is very clear that we were meant to be plant-based eaters. If one reads Genesis then one can clearly discern that there was no death before the fall of man and that we were to only eat plants.

    Think about this as well….if there was no death before the fall then there were no dead animals to eat either. There was no leather or other clothing from animals as well.

    Once I comprehended this then I found it easy to be a vegan.

    After the creation of man and land animals on day six of the Creation week, God instructed Adam saying, “I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food” (Genesis 1:29).

    There is no record of God telling Adam and Eve that they could butcher cows or smoke chickens, but He did authorize them to eat the seeds and fruits of plants and trees.

    In the very next chapter of Genesis, it is recorded where God told Adam that he could eat “of every tree of the garden” (except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—2:16-17). Notice that nothing is said here about animals—only vegetation.

    God bless and keep spreading the good message.


    1. I love what you wrote, it is so true and I believe many people miss this huge message. I think we have strayed so far from what God originally intended and have accepted what our culture and society has told us is normal and “right”, instead of paying close attention to what our original instruction was from our Creator. We live in a fallen world, and I think the murder and consumption of other beings is part of the sin that crept in.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, and sharing your heart here! I so appreciate you. God bless you!


  11. Hi Sarah ♡
    I follow you on instagram and just live your account, and here too. I stopped eating meat, honey, eggs, and milk, but I cant stop the cheese. I love it so much, but everytime I eat it I feel guilty because I know how its made (I mean animal abuse) but I keep doing it sometimes. When I was bulimic I always craved it, and if I stopped eating it I would binge on it..I want to be fully vegan but im afraid to fall into bulimia again because of cheese. I love the animals and dont wanna support this tragic industry, but how? Do you have any advice?♡


    1. Hi Denise!! That’s such a great question, and one that many struggle with. Cheese is always one of the hardest things for people to give up when going vegan, and although I’ve never been a huge fan myself I can relate because there were many things (like milk chocolate!) that I had a hard time expelling from my diet! My best advice is to decide to commit to two weeks without it – two weeks of ZERO cheese, ZERO cheating. It helps to commit to something knowing it’s only temporary. If after that time you are still having unquenchable cravings, then by all means do what you have to do to not binge, but I think you will find that your cravings have gone down tremendously. I believe if you can get through two solid weeks you can give it up for good, but don’t think about the long run for now. Just commit to the two weeks first and see how you feel. It will get easier over time I promise!!


  12. Hi Sarah,

    I found your blog through your instagram and I just wanted to say that your lifestyle is such an inspiration! I have watched a few documentaries and recently watched earthlings. After slowly transitioning to real food (food that isn’t processed) last year, your passion has motivated me to start a vegan lifestyle, and I am excited that my newborn will grow up under that same lifestyle. Thank you!

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    1. Oh wow, you just made my day! That is so encouraging to me and I can’t thank you enough for sharing that – it’s the reason I’m so passionate, because I want others to become passionate too! I’m so happy to hear you are diving into a vegan lifestyle. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my family! If you ever need anything or any type of support please email me ( – I would love to keep in contact through your journey!!

      Sending you lots of love,


  13. Love your blog and Instagram posts!! I try to eat like this as much as possible! I love that you are spreading the love and light of the Holy Spirit through what you love! I find it difficult to make food as much as I would like to…how do you plan your weeks? Food that you are going to make? I’m in the the midst of big changes in my life and would like to involve the kiddos daily in making healthy, fun foods. You inspire me!!:)


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